Falcon de luxe Winter Garden Birds Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Winter Garden Birds is a delightfully colourful jigsaw puzzle despite being set in the middle of the winter season.

Bird lovers should enjoy this wonderful jigsaw puzzle design by the artist Claire Comerford who has given us a beautiful winter scene filled with common British garden birds and plants.

I don't know about you but winter is often lacking in colour. Falcon de luxe have this wonderful jigsaw filled with a very colourful and bright winter garden scene.

Falcon de luxe Winter Garden Birds Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Falcon de luxe Winter Garden Birds Jigsaw Puzzle Review Claire Comerford English England UK British Bird Puzzles Jigsaws 500 Piece

Title: Winter Garden Birds

Publisher: Falcon de luxe

Release date: 2017

Artist: Claire Comerford

Cutting style: Grid cut

Number of puzzle pieces: 500

Finished size approx: 49 x 35 cm / 19.3 x 13.8

What winter lacks for me, aside from warmth, is colour. I look outside and the sky is often rather grey and drab, most of the trees and shrubs are bare, and everything looks a little bland.

Claire Comerford has designed this beautiful Winter Garden Birds scene for this Falcon de luxe jigsaw puzzle. It's filled with colour from many common garden birds found in England as well as winter time plants.

I love how she has packed a riot of colour and design into the scene with Blue Tits, Robins, Goldfinches, Bullfinch, a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and more. The birds are feeding from the wooden bird feeder and more colour has been packed in with a range of stunning flowers and plants.

Puzzle Quality Notes

Falcon de luxe has never disappointed me with their quality. I'm yet to have a single issue with the cut of the jigsaw or any other quality standard. It's one of my personal favourite brands.

The pieces fit together very well and are well made. The colours on this design are just stunning and so pretty. With a special matte finish there is absolutely no issue with glare from using an overhead lamp or light either.

Jigsaw Puzzle Construction Order and Tips

Falcon de luxe Winter Garden Birds Jigsaw Puzzle Completed Robin Goldfinch Woodpecker Bird Table Violas

The edge was easy for me to assemble and I did that first. It does tend to be my normal strategy, I like to get the edge in place so I have a defined border to work in.

I then chose to work on the flowers in the bottom right which are the yellow and purple and orange violas. I picked this as a starting point because these pieces were easy to spot and pick out from the rest.

From there it was easy to put together the garden table and chair in the bottom right.

Next I moved to the bottom left side with the hellebore plants and holly with red berries. The squirrel was fairly easy to put together too.

After this, my focus was on the bird table and all the birds surrounding it. This was the hardest part of the whole jigsaw puzzle - working out which jigsaw piece belonged to which bird. It did get rather confusing at times and especially as some birds feature more than once.

It took quite some time to put that together and from the bird table I managed to fill in the rest of the jigsaw puzzle.

What to Look for on Completing This Jigsaw Puzzle

See how many different breeds of British bird you can identify from this design. The RSPB has a brilliant A-Z of birds that you can use to identify all the varieties in this artwork. My husband and I enjoyed picking out the ones that we knew and double-checking the rest online.

I think the lovely thing with this jigsaw is that it is a reminder that winter gardens can be full of colour with the right plants and by attracting many of our feathered friends.

Overall Experience With Winter Garden Birds

This was the perfect jigsaw puzzle to work on during the rather dreary and glum winter weather. It gave me something bursting with colour and detailed design to enjoy indoors while wrapped up all cosy and warm.

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