Once Upon a Time Jigsaw Puzzles Josephine Wall Review

If you love fairytale jigsaw puzzle designs, you should love this stunning set by the popular artist Josephine Wall. The designs are lavish and incredibly detailed for 500 piece jigsaws.

Josephine Wall has created my favourite of all the Once Upon a Time jigsaw puzzles with this box set of two 500 piece designs by Gibsons. The stunning artwork includes scenes from Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

I love purchasing older, hard to find, jigsaw puzzles from charity shops, thrift stores and online auction houses. Imagine my delight in getting this second-hand set of puzzles which were both amazingly complete and in fantastic condition.

Once Upon a Time Jigsaw Puzzles by Josephine Wall Review 

Once Upon a Time Jigsaw Puzzles by Josephine Wall Review Jigsaws Puzzle Gibsons 500 Piece x 2 Box Set Vintage Fairytale fairy tale sleeping beauty snow white and the seven dwarves

Title: Once Upon a Time

Publisher: Gibsons

Release date: N/A

Artist: Josephine Wall

Cutting style: Grid Cut

Number of puzzle pieces: 500 x 2 (box set)

Finished size approx: 49 cm x 35 cm / 19 x 14 inches

This is one of my best buys in recent months. A now hard to find set of two Josephine Wall jigsaw puzzles called Once Upon a Time by Gibsons.

Rather amazingly, considering they were second-hand, both of the 500 piece designs were complete and in pristine condition.

If you love your fantasy and fairytale themes for jigsaws, this one has to be near the top of the list. The artwork is simply stunning with a beautiful and dreamy set of colours for both designs.

Although familiar with Josephine Wall's jigsaw puzzles, these were ones I hadn't seen before which makes it even more special.

NOTE: that Grafika have a 1500 piece version of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty as separate jigsaw puzzle designs that you can still get hold of. I've also seen a 2000 piece version as well. My Gibsons version with 2 x 500 pieces is much harder to find.

Puzzle Quality Notes

josephine wall sleeping beauty jigsaw puzzle fairytale once upon a time gibsons 500 piece prince princess

Gibsons is normally a decent quality jigsaw puzzle manufacturer and it's a brand I'm more than happy to buy. If anything, the quality on this box set was even better than normal.

The pieces had more of a matte finish where quite often Gibsons is semi-gloss or gloss finish which can be a slight pain when puzzling in the evening under artificial lighting. Although I do most of my puzzling in the daytime these days.

The fit was lovely and it all slotted together very well. It was a dream to put together.

Jigsaw Puzzle Construction Order and Tips

I started with the Sleeping Beauty design which I knew would be easier to complete due to it having a wider spread of colours. I followed the process I usually take for 500 piece jigsaw puzzle designs and did the edge first followed by the more easily identifiable parts.

Since the stained glass window pieces were easy to spot, I worked on this section first and then moved onto piecing together Sleeping Beauty and the Prince watching over her.

Sleeping Beauty's curly mane of hair was a bit of a nightmare, there was loads of it and it was very hard to work out which pieces went where. All the hair was rather a puzzle. Apart from that it was relatively easy.

As I suspected Snow White was a lot more difficult with a huge amount of green and brown. After doing the edge, I worked on the middle section with Snow White and the Prince.

I then slowly assembled the dwarves and left the mass of greenery until last. I did feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing this one even though it was only 500 pieces.

What to Look for on Completing This Jigsaw Puzzle

josephine wall jigsaw puzzle snow white and the seven dwarves once upon a time vintage jigsaws gibsons 500 piece box set review

These jigsaws are absolutely stunning. They're up there with the very best of fairytale jigsaws. The designs are incredibly detailed and have an amazing range of colours and shading.

If you love Josephine Wall's style, you really won't be disappointed. You may wish to look for the larger sized puzzles to complete if you love this artwork as much as I do.

I love all the woodland animals and nature that has been woven into the Snow White design. And if you like more challenging 500 piece designs, this is one to look out for.

Overall Experience With Once Upon a Time

These will go down as some of my top 500 piece jigsaw puzzle designs. They're just so beautiful, intricate and romantic. They're fairytale designs made with adults in mind and nothing like some of those cheesy designs that you often see in this genre. I'll be in love with these jigsaws for a very long time.

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