Falcon de luxe Christmas Cats Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Having had a tabby cat for over 18 years, I'm a massive lover of cat themed jigsaw puzzles. Add that to a Christmas scene and I'm well and truly hooked.

If you're a fan of Christmas jigsaw puzzles and you also love cats then it's really a no-brainer for you to get yourself a copy of this wonderful design by the artist Debbie Cook. 

The artist, Debbie Cook, has made a truly delightful scene for this Falcon de luxe jigsaw puzzle called Christmas Cats. Cats all cosy around a fireplace all decked up for the festive season.

Falcon de luxe Christmas Cats Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Falcon de luxe Christmas Cats Jigsaw Puzzle Review 500 Pieces Debbie Cook Art Puzzles Cat Cute

Title: Christmas Cats

Publisher: Falcon de luxe

Release date: 2018

Artist: Debbie Cook

Cutting style: Grid cut

Number of puzzle pieces: 500

Finished size approx: 49 x 35 cm / 19.3 x 13.8 inches

Debbie Cook has created a wonderful scene for cat lovers at Christmas with a decorated Christmas tree and a fireplace surrounded by no less than ten cats.

There are cats snuggled together in an armchair, one sleeping in a stocking, some playing with ribbon, others mischievously opening presents and gifts and the claws of one grabbing hold of a Christmas tree bauble.

It's an extremely cute scene and hard to resist for someone like me who is a massive fan of cats and cat themed jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzle Quality Notes

Falcon de luxe are one of my personal favourite brands of jigsaw puzzles. They have very little puzzle dust, the pieces are cut nicely and fit together well, the colours are great and rarely have I encountered any faulty pieces. For me, it is consistently reliable.

This Christmas Cats design was no exception and I was delighted with the quality of the puzzle. I enjoyed piecing this one together just before the festive season and it was a delight to work on.

Jigsaw Puzzle Construction Order and Tips

Jigsaw Puzzle Falcon de luxe Christmas Cats Debbie Cook Art Puzzles Jigsaws Festive Scene Cat Fan

The black fireplace area makes a good place to start as the darker pieces and the fire are easy to pick out from the rest.

I started with the edge pieces which did not take all that long to assemble. I then made the mistake of thinking that because the edge was easy to complete, the rest of it would also be. How wrong I was.

This design was much harder than it looks. Several of the cats look similar in terms of fur colour and markings, the Christmas tree is a bit tricky and the floral design armchair was an absolute nightmare to piece together.

I tried to assemble the armchair after the edge but failed miserably. So I put those pieces to one side and worked on the black fireplace which was a much easier place to start.

Once I had the fireplace done, I worked on the Christmas tree which was tricky but the pieces were generally easy to pick out because there is not too much of that shade of green elsewhere.

The rest of it with the cats was quite a challenge as most of them are tabby cats in various orange and brown shades. Little by little it got done and I was very pleased with myself on completion. Really glad this wasn't a larger design!

What to Look for on Completing This Jigsaw Puzzle

It's a gorgeous little puzzle. See if you can spot all 10 cats. If you have trouble seeing 10, look somewhere along the bottom of the jigsaw and bear in mind that you can't see all of each cat.

The two cats snuggled together on the armchair have got the biggest cute factor for me. I also love the one who has managed to rip a bit of gift wrap off the present.

Overall Experience With Christmas Cats

This was a wonderful design for a cat lover to work on during the Christmas season and would also make a great gift choice.

It's a purr-fect quality jigsaw to add to your puzzle collection if you love cat themed jigsaw puzzles. If you loved this, you may also like this cat themed Christmas jigsaw also by Debbie Cook which is in the same style.

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