Falcon de luxe Santa's Special Delivery Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Santa's Special Delivery is a set of two fantastic 1000 piece Christmas jigsaw puzzles released by Falcon de luxe. They are both by the artist Daniela Pirola.

I'm not normally a fan of multipack jigsaw puzzles because there is often one good one and the rest are just so so. Thankfully not so with Santa's Special Delivery where both puzzles are wonderful festive scenes.

The main jigsaw shows Santa's little elves helping to pack up the Santa Express train while the bonus puzzle shows kids and their parents rushing to meet Father Christmas with his massive pile of presents and gifts.

Falcon de luxe Santa's Special Delivery Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Falcon de luxe Santa's Special Delivery Jigsaw Puzzle Review Christmas Jigsaws Puzzles Daniela Pirola artist art 1000 piece Festive train

Title: Santa's Special Delivery

Publisher: Falcon de luxe

Release date: 2019

Artist: Daniela Pirola

Cutting style: Grid cut

Number of puzzle pieces: 1000

Finished size approx: 68 x 49 cm / 26.8 x 19.3 inches

Santa's Special Delivery was one jigsaw multipack that I simply could not resist. It's rare that I will buy sets with two or more puzzles in because often I'll only like one of the images. The picture is everything to me and my puzzling.

How pleasantly surprised I was with this wonderful Christmas release by Falcon de luxe which features two fantastic festive jigsaw puzzles. I couldn't wait to do both of these 1000 piece designs.

Both revolve around the idea of a Santa train. Movies like The Polar Express and the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter movies have made the idea of Christmas trains a very popular one.

The artist, Daniela Pirola, has come up with two wonderful scenes with one revolving around Santa's Workshop and the elves loading up the presents onto the train. The second design focuses on kids and parents coming to meet Santa and his pile of gifts at the train station. Both are equally lovely designs.

Puzzle Quality Notes

Santas special delivery jigsaw puzzle santa express train elves gifts presents Christmas tree carol singers

The bonus jigsaw puzzle in the box reveals where Santa goes to after his train journey. I actually enjoyed working on this second one even more.

As ever Falcon de luxe does not disappoint on the quality for me. Both puzzles were packed in separate bags inside the box and each bag had enclosed a tiny print so you could see which jigsaw design was which before opening.

The box included a double-sided small poster print of the design. It's not often enough that these are included, but so much easier to work from a printed poster sheet rather than the box lid. At least it gives you options.

The fit with all the pieces was great, hardly any puzzle dust and no damaged parts. Excellent quality as I have come to expect with this brand.

Jigsaw Puzzle Construction Order and Tips

Santa express train Christmas jigsaw puzzle north pole workshop elves gifts presents

The main jigsaw features a wonderful scene with the elves loading up gifts onto the Santa Express train right out of Santa's workshop.

I started with the main jigsaw first as pictured on the front of the box. It was easy to put together the edge first. Then I moved on to piecing together the Santa Express train, starting with the wording down the side because wording is easy to pick out.

Next I moved on to the Santa's Workshop building, the Christmas tree and lastly worked from the bottom of the jigsaw upwards which left the tricky sky area (and it was tricky) until the last.

With the second design, I also put the edge together first, then the train, the station, then worked from bottom to top. Thankfully there was not as much sky in the second jigsaw although the little buildings were rather a challenge to put together as well.

What to Look for on Completing This Jigsaw Puzzle

There's plenty to enjoy on both these designs from the candy cane decorations on Santa's Workshop, Mrs Santa Claus waving Santa off on the train and all the colourful and twinkling lights which make each jigsaw take on a really festive air.

It is the second jigsaw puzzle that I engaged with more though. This one just held even more interest for me from the carol singers at the foot of the Christmas tree, all the different people rushing to meet Father Christmas, the little puppy being held securely over its owner's shoulder, and the elves unloading the presents and gifts.

There is so much to look at and enjoy with each design. They are wonderful Christmas jigsaws and I loved both of them.

Overall Experience With Santa's Special Delivery

I assumed that I'd enjoy the main jigsaw puzzle more with this set of two Christmas designs. While I loved the first one with all the elves loading the train, it was actually the second design that I enjoyed putting together even more.

This set of two rank as some of the very best Christmas jigsaw puzzles that I've completed. From the quality to the brilliant designs (slightly fantasy and a magical Christmas with the elves) and how much I enjoyed working on both of these.

I liked them so much that I glued both with a view to displaying them on the wall at Christmas time each year.

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