Trefl Street Cottage Lane Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Street Cottage Lane by Trefl is a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle based on an old-fashioned, traditional style scene that you could expect to find somewhere in England. By the popular artist Dominic Davison.

It features a charming street scene full of romantic thatched cottages, vintage cars, an antique shop and a church. Enjoy my review of this puzzle and the Trefl brand.

I got this jigsaw from The Works here in the UK, it is now sadly out of stock there and no longer shown on the Trefl website. If you like it, look for it also published as a 1000 piece called Lazy Sunday Morning by WHSmith or a 500 piece called Cottage Lane by Corner Piece Puzzles.

Trefl Street Cottage Lane Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Trefl Street Cottage Lane Jigsaw Puzzle Review by Artist Dominic Davison Thatched Cottages, England, Vintage Cars

Title: Street Cottage Lane

Publisher: Trefl

Release date: 2018

Artist: Dominic Davison

Cutting style: Grid cut

Number of puzzle pieces: 500

Finished size approx: 48 x 34 cm / 19 x 13.5 inches

I imagine that when other countries think of more rural parts of England, they probably imagine a scene rather like the one that Street Cottage Lane shows.

This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle by Trefl measures 48 by 34 cm and features a pretty romanticised scene with cottages that have straw thatch roofs, vintage cars, a church, horse and cart and an antiques shop with a tea room.

NOTE: Street Cottage Lane is also published as a 1000 piece jigsaw under the name Lazy Sunday Morning by WHSmith. It is also published as a 500 piece called Cottage Lane by Corner Piece Puzzles.

Puzzle Quality Notes

Trefl is a Polish company and they make a wide range of puzzles which, here in the UK, are at the lower price end of the market.

On opening the box and tipping the puzzle pieces out from the bag, I was pleased to find very little puzzle dust.

The pieces were on the thinner side but very sturdy and well cut. There were no issues with any of the pieces and they all fit together very well once I started to assemble the jigsaw.

Jigsaw Puzzle Construction Order and Tips

I normally start assembling jigsaws by separating and assembling the edge pieces first. Assembling the whole outer edge for this puzzle was not very difficult.

After completing the outside edge I started to assemble some of the more easily identifiable parts including the pink blossom tree, the two largest cars and then the main thatched roof cottage.

The hardest part on this scene was actually the thatched roof which took a while and also the grey road. I had no issues adding in the blue sky and clouds or the foliage of the green trees.

Where there were areas of similar colours such as the blue sky and grey road, I had to look carefully at the shapes of each puzzle piece and what would fit in.

This was an enjoyable design to assemble. The artwork by Dominic Davison is pretty and has an interesting enough level of detail for me to enjoy. The roses growing up the side of the cottage, for instance, had some level of challenge for this smaller 500 piece.

Only the hot air balloons in the sky slightly spoiled my view of the romanticised image of this charming English lane. They simply look out of place with the other features.

What to Look for on Completing This Jigsaw Puzzle

Trefl Street Cottage Lane Jigsaw Puzzle detail vintage blue car

After completing the puzzle, my husband and I had fun with this artwork searching for all the wheels that we could spot. You could debate about how many wheels you can actually spot though we agreed that it was around 21 if you remember to include the steering wheels, the wagon wheels, the horse and cart wheels and also not forgetting those on the bicycle.

It's still open for debate as to how many wheels you can spot on each vintage car. You may know that there are logically four tyres on each car, but you can't really see all of them in the scene once it is completed.

Overall Experience With Street Cottage Lane

This was my first experience with a Trefl jigsaw puzzle and it won't be the last if I see more designs that I like. The quality was very good despite a lower end price tag and I'm very happy with the finished design. Pretty scenes like this one are really relaxing to do.

If you complete this pretty Street Cottage Lane design, I urge you to spend some time appreciating the artwork and looking at the detail. If I visited this street, I'd want to go to the antique shop and also the tearoom before strolling down to walk past the houses and the church.

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