Ravensburger Villa Bella Vista Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Villa Bella Vista is a wonderful Italian themed landscape with a brilliantly blue sky, blue sea, a sprawling hillside villa and colourful fishing little boats. A taste of Italy in a jigsaw puzzle.

Landscape jigsaw puzzles are especially fun when you choose a scene for somewhere you've been and loved or somewhere you'd love to visit. Villa Bella Vista is the type of place I'd definitely love to go.

Sung Hwan Kim is an artist that excels in beautiful landscape designs. With Villa Bella Vista by Ravensburger, he has designed a very magical, mediterranean feel of a beautiful villa that looks so inviting and serene.

Ravensburger Villa Bella Vista Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Ravensburger Villa Bella Vista Jigsaw Puzzle Review Sung Hwan Kim puzzles jigsaws landscapes scenery Italian art

Title: Villa Bella Vista

Publisher: Ravensburger

Release date: 2018

Artist: Sung Kim

Cutting style: Grid cut

Number of puzzle pieces: 500

Finished size approx: 49 x 36 cm / 19 x 14 inches

Fancy a mediterranean vacation? You'll feel like you're on one almost with this gorgeous Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle called Villa Bella Vista.

Sung Hwan Kim, the artist, has created an amazing design featuring a magnificent Italian style home emerging from the hillside with a sea view, colourful flowers and little fishing boats.

Although the sun isn't actually shown in the design, you can feel the warmth radiating from the bright blue sky and sea. The colours are lush, bright and energetic. It's what I call a real feel-good jigsaw puzzle design.

Puzzle Quality Notes

Ravensburger is a premium quality jigsaw puzzle manufacturer. Although I have had a few issues with the fit on some recent puzzles being too loose, this design was great and the fit was good.

There was a bit of puzzle dust, always is with Ravensburger designs. I've come to expect it and I have to get the lint roller out afterwards to clear up the bits from my board.

Overall this was a brilliant quality Ravensburger design and no complaints about it. Very sturdy, thick pieces, no peeling or lifting or any blemishes or faults. A rather flawless puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzle Construction Order and Tips

Villa Bella Vista Sung Kim Ravensburger completed jigsaw puzzle design italian house design with sea, sky fishing boats pretty flowers

Sea and sky are not my favourite parts on any jigsaw puzzles, especially when there is little in the way of colour and shade variation. Because this was only a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle design, it wasn't too bad.

I started with the edge pieces which were reasonably okay to put together apart from the sea and sky areas which took a little longer to complete.

After the edges, I picked out pieces for the rowing boats, the villa, the dry land with the hillside and flowers and left the sea and sky until the last to fill in.

I enjoyed all of it apart from being left with all the blue at the end. It's a really pretty jigsaw once done.

What to Look for on Completing This Jigsaw Puzzle

There's an empty bench in this jigsaw puzzle design which I think is a cue for us puzzlers to sit a while and smell the roses.

This is a jigsaw to enjoy for a while before taking it apart. Perhaps even glue it or frame it to enjoy the scene for longer. It's one of those slow down signs to heed.

Overall Experience With Villa Bella Vista

I really enjoyed this beautiful scene. I don't tend to do landscape jigsaws that often as I prefer very busy designs with loads of detail and things going on.

Once in a while, my head gets somewhat overloaded and it's nice to sit with a more relaxed design that is just pretty to look at. Where I can just really sit back and enjoy putting a wonderful scene together.

Villa Bella Vista is one of the best types of scenic designs that you could get and complete with enough variation in colour and pattern to make it really enjoyable to piece together.

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