Ravensburger Witches Kitchen Jigsaw: Search and Find

I love detailed jigsaw puzzles and I believe they should get a little extra attention before being broken apart and discarded in favour of the next one. Witches Kitchen is ideal for this extra search and find game.

Come and enjoy this PuzzleHour Search and Find Game using the popular jigsaw Witches Kitchen exit puzzle by Ravensburger. Get hours more enjoyment from the escape room theme artwork with this fun game.

Love doing a spot the difference or look and find games? Enjoy appreciating your finished jigsaw just a little longer with this fun jigsaw puzzle game diversion.

Ravensburger Witches Kitchen Jigsaw: Search and Find Fun Game (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Ravensburger Witches Kitchen Jigsaw Puzzle Exit Puzzles Escape Room Search and Find Fun Game Halloween Fantasy Witch

There's no time limit, the PuzzleHour Search and Find Games are designed merely for a bit of extra fun. The intention is to help you to slow down and appreciate the artwork. Jigsaw puzzles don't need to be a race and it is good if you can take the time to really enjoy this rather mystical, witch themed jigsaw puzzle before you move onto your next.

Simply complete the The Witches Kitchen Ravensburger exit jigsaw puzzle (sometimes known as an escape room puzzle) and then work through the Search and Find clues written below. I even have a free PDF version that you can print off.

Answers to the search and find clues are available for you on a separate page. However, please be aware that, due to the nature of the Ravensburger Exit puzzles, there could be some potential spoilers if you choose to read through this before completing your actual jigsaw and before working through the official mystery game included, solutions here.

If you've completed this exit puzzle before and still have it in your jigsaw puzzle collection, why not have a go at doing it again and then also enjoy this unique search and find game. This popular puzzle (here's my review of it) is a Ravensburger one and can still be found online to buy.

If you want to time yourself with this search and find jigsaw game for an extra challenge, of course you can. If you can complete all the answers correctly in under an hour, I'd be very impressed.

Search and Find Clues for Ravensburger's Witches Kitchen Jigsaw Puzzle

➡️ You can get my free PDF of clues here which you can then print off.

1) The black witch's cat was originally sitting on the stool but something has clearly spooked her. Where has the cat gone?

2) The toad has carelessly covered over some of the playing cards with the scroll. There were eight to start with, but how many playing cards can you see now?

3)  There's a new drawer that has mysteriously opened. There are 4 different colours in the jars that are inside this drawer. Where else can you see those 4 colours together in the completed jigsaw puzzle?

4) Search for the book with a pentagram on it. What is the number on this book?

5) Something under the fireplace has been moved. The completed jigsaw shows why it has been moved. What is it?

6) Trapped in a witch's kitchen means you could easily end up as part of a potion ingredient. What lucky creature has managed to escape from its prison?

7) Apart from the cat, there is another black item that has moved. What is it?

8) It's a very dark, damp and creepy room. How many lights are on in the witch's kitchen?

9) The witch needs lots of books for all her magical recipes. How many books has she got?

10) What is the antidote that will save you from the poisonous mushroom? Hint: You'll have to have completed all the jigsaw exit puzzle clues to know the answer to this one!

Search and Find Answers for The Witches Kitchen Jigsaw Puzzle

To avoid spoilers, the answers are all on a separate page and are also available as a PDF file so you can print them out if you wish to.

➡️ Click HERE to get the answers to this game

Don't forget to add up your points and see how you fared below.

Add Up Your Search and Find Jigsaw Puzzle Points

Don't forget that the aim of this jigsaw puzzle is to find the remedy to your mushroom poisoning and then to escape from the witch's hovel that you fell into.

Get 1 point for every correct answer. The maximum number of points you can get is 10.

How Did You Do?

1-3 points: Oh dear! You can feel the poison from the mushroom getting worse and spreading through your body, immobilising you. You fall down to the cold and damp stone floor and your eyes start to close. Your last thoughts are the realisation that you'll never get out of here alive.

4-6 points: Time is running out, you can feel the effects of the poison as it surges through your veins. You must try to fight it and keep a calm head to you can search for what you need to get well and escape this awful room.

7-9 points: You panic as you struggle to find the remedy to the poison while feeling unwell. The witch comes back just in time and knows how to make just the potion to help you. Luckily for you, she only practices the healing arts and not any black magic.

10 points: You find the remedy for the poison just in time. Now you're fit and well, you manage to use the stool to climb up to the shelves and pull yourself up and out of this hideous witch's hovel. Once you feel the fresh air on your face and the dappled sunlight through the trees, you feel amazing. Well done for solving all the mysteries of the Witches Kitchen.

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