SPOILERS: Witches Kitchen Search and Find Answers

Worked your way through the Search and Find jigsaw puzzle game for Ravensburger's Exit Puzzle, Witches Kitchen? Get the solutions to my PuzzleHour game here on this page and also as a PDF file for you to print off.

SPOILER WARNING: if you haven't already seen the clues for the Witches Kitchen Search and Find Game, you'd better exit this page and go back to my review of the jigsaw here.

I hope you've had great fun with this PuzzleHour game. I love helping puzzlers get more out of each and every jigsaw and to really appreciate the artwork and detail in every design.

SPOILER ALERT: Witches Kitchen Jigsaw Puzzle Search and Find Answers

SPOILER ALERT: Witches Kitchen Jigsaw Puzzle Search and Find Answers PuzzleHour Game Ravensburger Jigsaws Look Hunt Puzzles

NOTE: potential spoiler warning. If you haven't already completed this jigsaw puzzle or yet worked your way through the clues for PuzzleHour's free Search and Find game for Witches Kitchen, I recommend that you leave this page so you don't see any potential spoilers.

The PuzzleHour Search and Find game is different to the game that is included as part of this escape room style Exit puzzle. I have solutions to the official Ravensburger game, here.

This is a unique search and find style game designed by myself that gives you a bit more time to enjoy and appreciate your finished jigsaw.

Witches Kitchen is a Ravensburger Exit jigsaw puzzle that is readily available to buy in stores and online. It is also often referred to as an escape room puzzle.

Answers to the Search and Find Game for Witches Kitchen

➡️ Also available is a free PDF file which contains all the answers. The file can also be printed out for ease of use. Click here if you want the PDF file of answers.

1) You can only see the cat's tail now which is visible, rather ironically, under the emergency number 911 somewhere top middle of the jigsaw.

2) There are only two playing cards that you can now see.

3) The colours in the jars are orange, blue, green and yellow. You can see those same colours on the right of the puzzle, in the glass potion bottles.

4) A pentagram is a 5 pointed star, popular in the witch culture. You can find this on the blue book near the stool that the cat was sitting on. The book has the number 6 on the spine.

5) There is a pinky red colour cloth that a couple of pots were sitting on. It's been moved to reveal one of the eight mysteries that you are meant to solve with this Ravensburger exit puzzle.

6) The owl has managed to flee the bird cage and is now underneath the hanging reptile.

7) The black feather quill at the bottom right has been moved.

8) Despite having 7 lights, it's still dark in there. You've got 4 candle lights, the fire, the light near the crow and the hanging light on the right.

9) There are 12 books for the witch to enjoy. 3 on the left, 5 up on the shelf below the crow and 4 in the middle of the room.

10) It's the flower on the floor between the broken egg and the blue book of spells.

I hope you enjoyed this fun jigsaw puzzle game.

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