SPOILERS: Night Before Christmas Search and Find Answers

Do you think you've solved the fun find the 12 Christmas carols game for Waddington's 1997 jigsaw puzzle The Night Before Christmas? Here are the answers for those 12 carols, both on this page and as a PDF file for you to print off.

SPOILER WARNING: if you haven't already seen the clues for The Night Before Christmas 1997 jigsaw puzzle along with the handy images for you to view, you'll want to exit this page and perhaps go back to the 12 Christmas carol clues for this jigsaw here.

I hope you loved this fun seek and find style game to find all of the 12 Christmas carols hidden as references in the jigsaw. It's a fun way to further enjoy this now vintage and limited edition Waddington's jigsaw puzzle.

SPOILER ALERT: Search and Find 12 Carol Answers for The Night Before Christmas 1997 Jigsaw Puzzle

Search and Find 12 Christmas Carol Answers for The Night Before Christmas 1997 Jigsaw Puzzle Waddingtons Limited Edition Victorian Festive

NOTE: potential spoiler warning. If you haven't already worked through the clues for the free Search and Find game, or if you have this jigsaw but haven't yet completed it, I recommend that you leave this page just so you don't risk seeing any potential spoilers.

The Night Before Christmas (1997 version) is the 4th in a series of Waddingtons limited edition Christmas jigsaw puzzles. You can still find this as a second-hand puzzle to buy on auction sites online although you are less likely to get the original certificate and medallion.

The artist, Simon Williams, designed this exclusive jigsaw puzzle art which features grand old houses, a pub called The Bells, carol singers and a glimpse into festive Victorian life with people going about their business.

Answers to the Search and Find Game to Spot the 12 Christmas Carol References in Waddingtons The Night Before Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Back reverse side double-sided The Night Before Christmas Waddingtons 1997 jigsaw puzzle

The reverse side of this double-sided limited edition Christmas jigsaw holds the answers to solving the 12 Christmas carols in the picture.

➡️ Also available is a free PDF file which contains all the answers. The file can also be printed out for ease of use. Click here if you want the PDF file of answers.

1) Good King Wenceslas

This was cleverly not the obvious reference of King as I first suspected. You need to delve a little deeper into the lyrics of this Christmas carol so you find "When a poor man came in sight, gathering winter fuel." Then you can spot the man behind the lamp post on the right who is carrying a bundle of twigs, presumably to light a fire with.

2) Ding Dong Merrily on High

What is a dinging and a donging merrily on high? Why it's The Bells sign for the public house (pub) on the top right.

3) O' Little Town of Bethlehem

Hopefully you can easily spot the Bethlehem Lane sign on the house with the festive red door.

4) I Saw Three Ships Go Sailing By

To see all three ships, you need to look carefully in the windows.

5) Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

The golden angels are on the Christmas tree inside the main house.

6) The First Noel

The First Noel is what the carollers are singing. It is printed on their carol books.

7) The Holly and The Ivy

The holly and the ivy are the not very subtle green plants at the bottom left.

8) O' Come All Ye Faithful

This is the carol that the gentleman on the right has printed on his carol book.

9) Silent Night

I thought this could refer to the child who is sleeping in one of the windows. However, from looking at the back of this double-sided jigsaw, it seems it is the moon. Get a point for either of those answers.

10) Once in Royal David's City

Look to the lyrics of this Christmas carol "When like stars his children crowned,
all in white shall be around" that points to the stars in the sky. If you didn't get that reference but thought you can spot a lowly cattle shed in the distant hills, you can have a point for that instead.

11) Away in a Manger

The baby manger is in the window of the house at the bottom left.

12) While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night

There is a picture of a sheep on a plate that looks out of place in a window of the house on the right. There's also a shepherd tending to his flocks up at the top right of the design. So you can award yourself a point for either of those answers.

NOTE: Add up your score and go to the Night Before Christmas search and find page to see how you did!

I hope you enjoyed this game!

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