The Night Before Christmas Jigsaw: Search and Find

The Night Before Christmas is a 1997 limited edition jigsaw puzzle by Waddingtons and the 4th in their series. Yes there is also a later version with that name too.

Can you find all the hidden references to 12 different Christmas carols hidden in this jigsaw puzzle? Because this is a vintage jigsaw and hard to get hold of, you don't need the original jigsaw to play this game, photos are provided for you.

Hidden in The Night Before Christmas are visual clues to 12 Christmas carols which are named for you. Can you find references to all 12 songs in the image?

The Night Before Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle: Search and Find Game

The Night Before Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle: Search and Find Game FREE picture provided fun family game find all 12 carols in the festive image

If you've had this 1997 Waddingtons Christmas jigsaw puzzle, you'd know it came with a fun search and find game where you hunt out all the references to the named Christmas carols in the completed jigsaw.

Normally you'd have to complete the actual jigsaw puzzle before doing a search and find game here on PuzzleHour. But because this is a vintage puzzle, I've also included a large image of my completed design that you can work from if you don't happen to have your own copy of this jigsaw.

Either look at my image below or complete The Night Before Christmas 1997 jigsaw puzzle, then work through the search and find clues written below. I also provide a free PDF version of clues that you can print off. Answers are available on a separate page to avoid spoilers.

It's not a timed game, but if you want to time yourself for an additional challenge, you can. If you can get all answers correct in under an hour, I'd be impressed.

Search and Find Clues for The Night Before Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

The Night Before Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Waddingtons 1997 12 Carols to Find in the Picture

Click on the image if you need to see a larger version that you can examine for this search and find game. Links to more close-up photos below.

Bottom left photo click here.

Bottom middle photo click here.

Bottom right photo click here.

Top left photo click here.

Top middle photo click here.

Top right photo click here.

Note: If you do have the jigsaw puzzle and complete it, please don't flip over to the reverse which reveals the clues to solve this game.

➡️ You can get my free PDF of clues here which you can then print off.

Name the item(s) in the picture that refer to each of these 12 popular Christmas carols listed below. To give you an example, if there were any items in the picture for the carol The Three Kings, you might find three crowns hidden in the jigsaw somewhere.

Make a note or write down your answers, then use my answer page to see how you did and come back to tot up your score.

12 Carols to Find in the Night Before Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

1) Good King Wenceslas

2) Ding Dong Merrily on High

3) O' Little Town of Bethlehem

4) I Saw Three Ships Go Sailing By

5) Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

6) The First Noel

7) The Holly and The Ivy

8) O' Come All Ye Faithful

9) Silent Night

10) Once in Royal David's City

11) Away in a Manger

12) While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night

Search and Find Answers for The Night Before Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

To avoid any spoilers, the answers are all on a separate page for you and are also available as a PDF file so you can print them out if you wish to.

Note: If you do have the jigsaw puzzle and complete it, please don't flip over to the reverse which reveals the clues to solve this game.

➡️ Click HERE to get the answers to this game

Don't forget to add up your points and see how you fared below.

Add Up Your Search and Find Jigsaw Puzzle Points

Get 1 point for every correct answer. The maximum number of points you can get is 12.

How Did You Do?

1-3 points: what an awful day you've had. Nothing's gone right. You had to bake the bread order twice for the pub as the first lot were burned to a crisp when you nodded off due to exhaustion. Now you're running late with your order, your tray has tipped over and a stray dog has snatched one of the rolls from the snow covered path. You almost trip over a man shoveling snow and those carol singers are just dreadful and not helping your headache. Could this day get any worse?

4-7 points: you'd love to get on home now as you've been up since the crack of dawn, but you've had a slow day and not sold many chestnuts. Perhaps your luck will change this evening as there are people milling about wanting to listen to the carol singers or passing by on their way to The Bells for a swift half. You roast more chestnuts and yawn. At least you're warm and toasty.

8-10 points: business has concluded for the day and you walk as swiftly as you can across the snow to get to The Bells. You can't wait to sit in the comfy leather chair by the fireside with your good friends and enjoy a refreshing pint, a warm pie and some interesting conversation. The carol singers are belting out Ding Dong Merrily on High which seems highly appropriate and a smile spreads across your face. You love this cheerful time of year.

11-12 points: you're having a great evening singing carols outside the manor house in Bethlehem Lane. The door opens and you all stop singing, fearing you'll be told to be quiet and move on. Instead, the butler welcomes you all inside to sing for the family by their Christmas tree. Afterwards you're all treated to mince pies, cake, champagne and even gifts to take home. This is an evening you'll look back on with fondness for a very long time to come.

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