Buffalo Games Corner Bookstore Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Love book themed jigsaw puzzles? They're one of my favourites. Corner Bookstore is a little different to what you'll normally find and it's a real pleasure to put together.

Not all bookstores are brown and dusty. Get ready for an explosion of colour with Corner Bookstore by Buffalo Games which is a riot of bright and fun popping shades. 

Also find this wonderful design (with some artistic differences) published by Falcon de luxe as a 1000 piece jigsaw called An Afternoon in the Bookshop.

Buffalo Games Corner Bookstore Jigsaw Puzzle Review Books Theme

Buffalo Games Corner Bookstore Jigsaw Puzzle Review Books Theme book shop bookshop jigsaws puzzles Eduard Shlyakhtin

Title: Corner Bookstore

Publisher: Buffalo Games

Release date: N/A

Artist: Eduard Shlyakhtin

Cutting style: Grid cut

Number of puzzle pieces: 500

Finished size approx: 38 x 54 cm / 15 x 21.25 inches

Corner Bookstore, by the artist Eduard Shlyakhtin, is nothing like the majority of book themed jigsaw puzzles. I happen to love this nostalgic category.

However most designs are full of the dark and deep colour schemes we're used to with those antique and vintage style book shops. Mostly, they're shades of brown along with some highlights of racing car green and deep wine reds.

Corner Bookstore literally blows the cobwebs away from any book shop design you've ever seen with its eye-popping shades of peacock blues, bright teals, pinks and more. The whole effect is bright and fun and a joy to put together.

NOTE: Corner Bookstore was also published as a jigsaw under the name An Afternoon in the Bookshop by Falcon de luxe with some artwork differences and as a 1000 piece design.

Puzzle Quality Notes

Buffalo Games jigsaw puzzle pieces zig zag shaped edges unusual

Large sized jigsaw puzzle pieces, some with unusual zig-zag style edges.

Puzzle pieces are quite large, actually larger than I tend to prefer, and very easy to handle. They have a fairly shiny front and a rough backing which I like.

Pieces are of a good quality, good enough for most puzzlers and along with the standard puzzle shapes there are also some very unusual shaped pieces included those with zig-zag style edges that simply slide into one another. Just enough variation from the bog standard jigsaw pieces to make it fun without verging into annoying novelty territory.

The best thing for me about the Buffalo Games brand is the fit. And the fit on this particular design was so good once completed that I could lift the entire jigsaw into the air intact. I've never been able to do that with any other brand of puzzle.

Buffalo Games Jigsaw Puzzle Corner Bookstore Complete holding in the air due to tight fit fitting pieces

Perfect fit! Holding the completed (and no it isn't glued) jigsaw puzzle up in the air over my sofa. The fit is so good that no pieces shift or come apart. See how the lines between pieces are much less noticeable than on some brands.

The fit is so good that the finished lines don't detract from the wonderful artwork the way that some very loose fitting jigsaw puzzles do.

A loose fit is a problem that I sometimes get with other brands, and most surprisingly Ravensburger which is a great brand in other respects. On this Buffalo jigsaw, I can't praise the fit of this enough. It's literally perfect and a great one if you wish to frame your completed design.

The box is small but you get a wonderful poster of the completed artwork folded up on the inside. The poster is much larger than the box artwork and you can place it in front of you as you work.

One small annoyance with this brand because the pieces are large is that the 500 piece design is a shade too big for my 500 piece jigsaw puzzle board so I have to do this on a 1000 piece puzzle board instead. This makes it slightly less portable for me but a minor drawback as I really love this brand.

Jigsaw Puzzle Construction Order and Tips

Corner bookstore Buffalo Games Americana jigsaw puzzle Eduado poster, box, completed jigsaws

Showing the completed jigsaw, the poster folded out and the small Buffalo Games box. Having a smaller box means you can store more easily!

My usual approach is to separate the edge pieces from all the others and put the edge together first before doing anything else. That's the same approach I took with this one and it wasn't too difficult to piece the edge together.

Normally I'm used to doing jigsaws which are a lot less colourful than this one and so I will hunt for bright colours to pick out and assemble first. However, this design is so colourful all over that I looked for patterns and details much more than colours.

First I picked out large areas of text such as Booksellers and Book Week. I looked for the gold colour antique cash register on the left and worked down from there to put the circular book shelves together.

Larger posters such as Romeo and Juliet and Jane Eyre are easier to spot and assemble as well as picking out specific book covers.

Once I had lots of the main items of furniture and furnishings of this book store in place, it became a case of filling in the gaps.

What to Look for on Completing This Jigsaw Puzzle

Buffalo Games completed corner bookstore book store bookshop books shop colourful vibrant jigsaw puzzle theme

I just love the bright colours on this design. It is a lot of fun to make.

There is a lot to look at and enjoy with this fun and fresh book store design. I love the little cat snoozing in the comfy leather armchair and there's another cat sat on the railings on the first floor of the shop.

I enjoy looking at all the different book covers and picking out the ones I've read myself and there is also a wonderful quote included, "Books are the mirrors of the soul."

Overall Experience With Corner Bookstore

Wow, well it's safe to say that I enjoyed this 500 piece puzzle design immensely. It is just so different to the majority of book shop jigsaw designs, so fun and so fresh.

The more unusual shaped pieces are fun to work with and add a bit more from a standard design. But they're not so weird or unusual that they should cause any frustration. Nothing like the majority of actual random cut jigsaws.

I really recommend this design if you can get hold of it. Otherwise look for An Afternoon in the Bookshop by Falcon de luxe which is a larger 1000 piece design and filled with people.

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