Fantasy Bookshop Jigsaw Puzzle: Search and Find

Some jigsaw puzzles deserve a little extra attention before being broken back up or discarded in favour of the next. Fantasy Bookshop is one such jigsaw.

Come and enjoy this PuzzleHour Search and Find Game using the popular Fantasy Bookshop jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger. Get hours more enjoyment from this Aimee Stewart artwork with this fun game.

Aimee Stewart is a brilliant digital artist whose work is featured on a range of puzzles for you to enjoy piecing together. This design is also published as Wish Upon a Bookshop and Readers Paradise.

Fantasy Bookshop Jigsaw Puzzle Artwork by Aimee Stewart: Search and Find Game

Fantasy Bookshop Jigsaw Puzzle Ravensburger Artwork by Aimee Stewart: FREE Search and Find Game by

There's no time limit, the PuzzleHour Search and Find Games are designed for fun and also to help you to slow down and really appreciate the artwork of this rather magical jigsaw puzzle before you move onto your next.

Simply complete the Ravensburger Fantasy Bookshop jigsaw puzzle (or other brand listed below) and then work through the Search and Find clues written below. I even have a free PDF version that you can print off. Answers are available on a separate page to avoid spoilers.

NOTE: Fantasy Bookshop was also published as a jigsaw under the name Wish Upon a Bookshop by Wentworth Wooden Puzzles and Readers Paradise by White Mountain Puzzles.

If you've done this one before and still have it in your jigsaw puzzle collection, I urge you to have a go at doing it again and then enjoy my unique search and find game. This popular puzzle (here's my review) is a Ravensburger one and can readily be found online to buy.

If you want to time yourself with this game for an extra challenge, you can. If you can get all answers correct in under an hour, I'd be very impressed.

Search and Find Clues for Fantasy Bookshop Jigsaw Puzzle

➡️ You can get my free PDF of clues here which you can then print off.

1) There's a cat sleeping on the stairs, but can you find the other cat?

2) It's a good job there's a few cats because there's a rodent on the loose, can you see where it is?

3) Who is asking you to read more?

4) If you answered number 3 correctly, where does the same character appear again?

5) On the staircase to the left of the design is a Once Upon a Time poster. It's next to a tall stack of books. Can you spot the book that features the same image as this poster? Which book is it?

6) I need to write a list of books that I wish to buy. Can you find the feather quill and the inkpot?

7) Where are the plush leopard print cushions?

8) How many open books can you see?

9) Where are the 3 pointing hand icons?

10) It would be easy to lose track of time in a bookshop like this one. Where is the clock?

11) How many front covers feature the word RED and what book titles are they?

12) I'd love to go to the Book Club which has meetings every Wednesday, what other club is there?

13) There's loads of animals in this jigsaw puzzle. Can you find the peacock?

14) Grimms' Fairy Tales makes at least 2 appearances. Where are they?

15) X marks the spot, or so they say, can you find the lone X? It's not part of a word.

16) We've done X so why not Z! Find the golden Z.

17) There's a tiny error in this digital art puzzle, something is missing that should be there and it will look odd once you notice. 2 points if you can spot this one.

Search and Find Answers for Fantasy Bookshop Jigsaw Puzzle

To avoid spoilers, the answers are all on a separate page and are also available as a PDF file so you can print them out if you wish to.

➡️ Click HERE to get the answers to this game

Don't forget to add up your points and see how you fared below.

Add Up Your Search and Find Jigsaw Puzzle Points

Get 1 point for every correct answer except for question 17 which is very hard so awards you with 2 points if you got it right. The maximum number of points you can get is 18.

Some questions require you to spot more than one thing. You need to spot everything in a question to get full points. Give yourself half marks if you got partial answers.

How Did You Do?

1-5 points: What a stroke of luck that you found this new bookshop tucked away down a narrow little street that you've never noticed before. You need to get a gift for a friend and you're sure to find just the thing here.

You spot the More Upstairs sign and you race up the stairs. Suddenly a cat seems to come out of nowhere to jump in front of you. Startled, you lose your balance and fall backwards, cracking your head on the blue globe before your body crumples in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

As your eyes start to close and you drift out of consciousness, you can hear the cat hissing and the curious sound of footsteps walking away from you and a key turning in the lock. Your last thought is that no one even knows that you're here.

6-10 points: Aside from the slight musty smell, the net curtains that badly need a wash and the rodent that you've just spied up near the ceiling, it's an otherwise brilliant little shop that you've found. It's simply packed to the rafters with books and old curiosities that you really want to examine in more detail.

You sigh. It's such a shame that your lunch break is about to end and you have to get back to work. But now you know where this fantasy bookshop is, you'll be making a return visit pretty soon.

11-15 points: Woah! You've never been inside a bookshop like this before. It's almost magical with the Wish Upon a Book slogan and all the amazing antiques. There are books beckoning buy me from every shelf.

You purchase a wonderful version of Aesop's Fables with a beautiful peacock illustrating the front cover. The owner, rings up the amount on the antique cash register and wraps your book in soft tissue before placing it into a paper bag.

Before you leave, you notice the sign about the book club meetings on a Wednesday. Luckily that happens to fit your schedule perfectly. You walk out with a smile on your face. Now this is the kind of retail therapy that you actually like.

16-18 points: Walking down a cobbled street, you stumble across a bookshop that you've never seen before. You catch your breath as you walk inside to be greeted by walls of colourful and interesting hard cover books.

You find a rare, vintage copy of Danny, the Champion of the World. What a find! Luckily for you, you have the whole day off so you can browse to your heart's content. You settle down onto the plush red velvet seat to look at it. The cat gets up and snuggles next to you. What could be more perfect.

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