SPOILERS: Fantasy Bookshop Search and Find Answers

Have you worked your way through the Search and Find jigsaw puzzle game for Aimee Stewart's Fantasy Bookshop? Here are the answers you need, both on this page and as a PDF file for you to print off.

SPOILER WARNING: if you haven't already seen the clues for the Fantasy Bookshop Search and Find Game, you'll want to exit this page and perhaps go back to my review of the jigsaw here.

I hope you loved this fun game and that it enhanced your enjoyment of this popular Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle and of Aimee's amazing artwork.

SPOILER ALERT: Search and Find Answers for Fantasy Bookshop Jigsaw Puzzle

Search and Find Answers for Fantasy Bookshop Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle Art by Aimee Stewart Spoiler Warning

NOTE: potential spoiler warning. If you haven't already completed this jigsaw puzzle or worked through the clues for PuzzleHour's free Search and Find game, I recommend that you leave this page so you don't see any potential spoilers.

Fantasy Bookshop is a Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle that is readily available to buy in stores and online. The artwork is by the digital artist Aimee Stewart.

FURTHER NOTE: Fantasy Bookshop was also published as a jigsaw under the name Wish Upon a Bookshop by Wentworth Wooden Puzzles and Readers Paradise by White Mountain Puzzles.

Answers to the Search and Find Game for Fantasy Bookshop

➡️ Also available is a free PDF file which contains all the answers. The file can also be printed out for ease of use. Click here if you want the PDF file of answers.

Cat amongst the books jigsaw puzzle fantasy bookshop

1) Look top left of the puzzle, in the Travel section of the bookcase. You should spot a cat peeking out of the books.

2) Cast your eyes to the top right of the design, just above the word Book in Wish Upon a Book to see the rodent.

3) The answer is how it sounds. Hoooooo is asking you to read more? Why it's the owl in the blue poster. Find this on the stair cupboard door near the History section.

4) You can see another owl poster if you look right at the top of the puzzle, just to the left of the yellow glass light fitting.

5) The book you're looking for is Cinderella and it is in the bookcase down on the bottom right. Look at the top shelf to see it.

6) The quill and inkpot are on a pile of books next to the cash register on the right side of the jigsaw puzzle.

7) It's probably another favourite sleeping place for the cat. The leopard print cushions are on the red sofa seat at the bottom of the staircase.

8) There are 5 open books.

The first is on the staircase, two steps up from the sleeping cat.

The second is on the round table in the middle.

The third is under the Le Journal poster near the yellow glass lights, top middle.

The fourth is on top of a stack of books next to the open bookshop doors on the right.

Open books book themed jigsaw puzzle Fantasy bookshop detail

The final one, and possibly the hardest to spot, is at the bottom of the Poetry section of the middle bookcase. It's harder to see because the open pages are partially masked by the book's cover which is facing us.

9) Two of the hand icons are on the cash register on the right. The other is on the More Upstairs sign on the staircase to the left.

10) The clock is in the history section of the central bookcase, top shelf.

11) There are 3: The Red Fox on the round table, The Red Fairy Book and Little Red Riding Hood in the bookcase on the right.

12) The other club is featured on a poster on the staircase. It's Story Hour Club.

13) Aesop's Fables has a beautiful peacock on the front cover. You'll find it in the bookcase to the right.

14) One of the books is at the bottom right in the bookcase and the other is top right above the Wish Upon a Book wording.

Bookcase with books jigsaw puzzle Fantasy Bookshop Ravensburger

15) There is a X on the green book next to Pinocchio, bottom right bookcase.

16) Did you spot the Z on The Lost Princess of Oz front cover? It's located in the window on the left hand side.

Fantasy bookshop Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle detail showing a digital art error mistake

17) Really well done if you got this right. Underneath the Wish Upon a Book writing, look closely at the bars over the yellow balloon light fitting. Can you spot the missing section?

NOTE: Add up your score and go to the Fantasy Bookshop search and find page to see how you did!

I hope you enjoyed this game!

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